Linked: WordPress Users Need to Watch Out for Fake Copyright Infringement Warnings

This is one for the bloggers in the audience, especially the ones using WordPress. Don’t panic if someone sends you a copyright infringement notice because it might be a scam:

“The scam begins when the scammers send the website a notice via email or through the website’s contact system with some legal-ish sounding language claiming that material on the site is infringing their copyright to images or other content. In order to see details of the alleged infringement, the site owner is directed to a “dashboard” on a WordPress.com hosted site. Once there, the website owner will be presented with a form asking them to log in using their WordPress login credentials. Of course, there is no infringement dashboard, and if you fill in the form you have just given scammers the information they need to take over your site.”

The bottom line, if someone is claiming you are hosting their copyrighted material, they won’t require you to log in to find out what the material is. It’ll be in the notice. There’s no reason for you to need to log in anywhere to find out what the claim is about.


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