Happy People are More Productive

Linked: Study Finds Productivity Not Deterred by Shift to Remote Work

Note the reality of giving employees flexibility:

“”Workers have proven themselves more than capable of handling flexible work options during a crisis,” Weiler Reynolds said. “Companies should continue to foster the sense of freedom and control that flexible work options provide and build strong flexible work programs. These programs are a smart way for companies to be prepared to handle any future emergencies. In addition to productivity, companies have talked about remote work’s positive impact in areas like safety, cost savings, environmental impact, emergency preparedness, employee satisfaction, and others. We have passed the tipping point where working from home will need to become a valid and important component of any healthy organization.”

I’ve been saying it for years, the only organizations that are unwilling to give employees any flexibility around schedules or location simply don’t trust the people who work for them. If the reason for requiring 40 hours in the office is that it’s the only way management knows you’re working, I would look elsewhere. What this pandemic has proven, once and for all, is that good employees get things done, no matter where they are.

Knowing that, I would want to make sure I’m figuring out what those employees need, and how to help them continue being productive. Wherever that happens to be. In turn, I’ll have a better, more efficient, and more diverse, workplace as you find the best people, regardless of their ability to sit in your office all day.


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