Will Your Posts Get Hoax-Flagged Due to the Mob?

When I first read that Facebook, and others, would start adding a bit to the algorithm to try and eliminate scams, and other false information, from my newsfeed I was excited about it. How many times have I logged into Facebook and seen dozens of falsehoods like the claim of copyright status, or ridiculous news…


The Problem with Total Surveillance

According to the emails I’ve received just in the past couple of weeks:

I’m actively seeking employment in Pennsylvania
I own rental property in Las Vegas
I have wives and children enrolled in schools in NC, VA and Canada.
I travel back and forth between San Francisco and New Zealand frequently
I frequent some “interesting” dating sites, including at least one that caters to cheating spouses. (Great, thanks to whoever used my email address to sign up for that at the same time my wife is across the country, that doesn’t look odd!!!!)
I am paying for cable internet/TV service for a young lady in Michigan. (Student using their stepfather’s payment info maybe?)
I shop at some online retailers in England.
Now, none of that is true


Quick Lesson About Exporting Comments to Disqus

As I discussed last week, one of my challenges of using the Social Plugin to draw in comments and replies from Facebook and Twitter back to the original blog posts, is getting those comments imported to Disqus. After a couple of failed attempts at this, I discovered one really good reason not to try and…