Another Opera Review

Scot Finnie has finished his review of Opera. He comes to a different conclusion than I did . Chalk it up to personal preference, as he doesn’t seem to see the things I don’t like about it as problems. I figure those aren’t his concerns. Speaking of work, I haven’t posted about it all week…

In the Mail

Speaking of why I do this website, I got this from one of the hundreds of folks who wandered over from Lockergnome yesterday: “Hi, Mike. I’m another Gnomie visiting your site. I used to be a one man IT dept, until I moved to the mountains to work from home in a different capacity. Now…

Firewall Comparison

Speaking of firewalls, I ran across a nice little piece that compares the big 3 free personal firewalls, Tiny, ZoneAlrm and Sygate. I was thinking about doing something similar, but heck, I couldn’t really do any better than http://pierre.szwarc.free.fr/uk_Firewall_comparison.pdf