I just got done listening to a round table discussion of UCITA. Now I’ll grant you, I don’t know alot about UCITA, but just using common sense I would have to question the ideas presented by the pro-UCITA people. (Who work for AOL by the way, but that did not make me anti-UCITA immediately *L*) But the very idea that this one guy was presenting was that the internet, and software in general was really a completely different sort of product that had never been seen before and it needed different laws from just the Uniform Commercial Code, because of it’s uniqueness. His example? His $29 per month subscription to MacAfee, and how he wasn’t getting a good, but was paying for the relationship with a subscription.

How is that different than what we’ve been paying the cable, or phone companies for years? You pay for access to a service that you then use how you choose. The difference is that states regulate phone and cable companies in order to protect consumers. The software industry doesn’t have the regulations and want to make sure they don’t ever get them! The service is new, the concept of paying access fees for it is not!

And please can we just lose the condescending tone? “The people who oppose UCITA just don’t really understand it” drivel gets old. If you aren’t willing to debate whether it is good law or not in the open without this crap, then don’t try to defend it!

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