Monday, Monday

Monday, Monday. Actually today hasn’t been too bad, the new and improved security policy was rolled out this morning to staff, so today’s been busy answering questions, explaining to people what they need to get rid of, and why. We’re really working to root out unlicensed software, and spyware that’s gotten into some of our systems. I’m sure some people are going to see me as a killjoy for this, but it’s really just common practice. Besides the next time I had to fix someone’s computer because they downloaded crappy software, I was going to go ballistic, so they should consider themselves lucky to have avoided that. *L*

The next step is going to be setting up file permissions on the public drives. I want to give people more options with files than keep it to yourself, or have it shared with everyone, ya’ know? Obviously, that is going to take some serious time to develop properly. Lots of extra work for me, yay!

I’ve exchanged some email with Robert Scoble about the impending release of the new version of Radio Userland. He assures me that it will be very easy to publish with it. He even offered to do a shared desktop with Netmeeting and demo it for me. I haven’t had time to do that properly, but thought that was really nice of him to offer. As you know, I’ve been playing with a Radio weblog over at my geocities site, and it’s been giving me fits. I like a lot of the features that it gives you, in regards to publishing xml, over what Blogger gives you, but I’m sticking with Blogger for this one because I can publish from multiple locations, which seems much harder to configure with Radio. Maybe the next version will sort that out, I’ll have to ask Robert about that..

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