You call that an ad campaign?

Something I forgot to blog about yesterday. Weds. evening, while killing a little time before the show, we stopped in at the Apple Store to have a look around. Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t currently have a Mac, but I would certainly be more than happy to try one out, and I’m sure my graphics/digital photography happy wife would love one as well. From what I’ve seen with our Graphics Designer’s new Mac with OS X at work, I am pretty impressed. However, I couldn’t help but notice that the new Apple in-store ad campaign seems to be “It can do everything a PC can.” (Mostly because that phrase seemed to be everywhere in the store, from the walls, to the employees t-shirts.)

Now, (and we’ll ignore the fact that that phrase, in and of itself, displays quite the fascinating inferiority complex) if you were charging more money for your product than your competitors, and using proprietary hardware that makes it more difficult to upgrade than your PC competitors, why would you create an ad campaign that does nothing more than put the two on equal footing?

In fairness, they do a better job with their Why Switch campaign, but the oversimplification of the in-store catch-phrase is just not very good, IMHO.

By the way, my one big complaint against Mac’s, beside the increased cost, has always been their inability to get along in a networked environment. They are bragging about that ability to “get along” in OS X, and given said Graphic’s person’s experience, I would have to say they got it pretty much right. I didn’t even have to help him get connected to our network, he was able to just grab the settings out of the old Mac, and get it connected himself.

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