Digging Mozilla

I downloaded Mozilla 1.2 Beta last night and there are two new features that are rocking my world right now. First the pop-up manager actually solves the problem I was having with surfing blogs and opening comment windows by letting me specify which sites are not allowed to do pop-ups, and leaving the pop-up comment windows alone.

Secondly, giving you the option to setup a group of tabbed pages as your homepage is very cool. Now I can go ahead and open 3-4 pages right from the start, that saves some clicks. Always a good thing!

Blogger even seems to work with the new version, so it’s very close to becoming the only browser I need to surf with. I’ll have to test it some more before I make that determination, but it’s got a shot!

Speaking of new versions, AmphetaDesk v0.93.1 is Now Available. Some minor fixes, some security improvements, etc. Read more on their site.

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