News roundup.

According to Chris the Lockergnome forums are now open for business. So if you miss the forums I had on here for tech topics, you can take your questions over there!

Mozilla has released version 1.2.1. According to the release notes. “Mozilla 1.2.1 was released to correct a DHTML bug in Mozilla 1.2. The only difference between the two releases is the fix for this bug (Bug 182500). If you have already installed Mozilla 1.2, you should upgrade to Mozilla 1.2.1.”

Thanks to a link on PocketPC Thoughts, I see that Amazon is selling a 512MB Compact flash card for $131.44 after rebate. That’s a pretty decent deal if you’re in the market for that much CF memory. (I’m not yet, hopefully they’ll be that low later!)

Tonight is the Holiday Soiree for the business network group that is part of Angela’s job. (I have no idea how to explain who the business network is as compared to the place she actually works for, so bear with me on this.) They decided to do a slide show of sponsor logos and information about the network and have it looping on a laptop all throughout the party at the front desk. That way people could wander over and take a look at it at their leisure and they would all see it when they came in. Sounds like a nice, cheap alternative to renting A/V equipment, especially when the laptop they’re using is mine, for free. Well, in exchange for food and drink and possible networking opportunities of my own. 🙂

I have to remember to bring a handful of those Life of a One-Man IT Department business cards we made up for Gnomedex….

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