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Despite Andy’s excellent suggestions on the last comment, I decided to go with a simple Blogger blog, like this one. I actually did try and quickly download and install BlogWorks XML to do the job, but ran into server errors that I suspect have to do with something necessary not being installed on my web server. (MSXML parser perhaps?) Anyway, I realized that ReadyHosting’s track record of having the proper things installed for me to do a lot of scripting isn’t that good, and I was probably wasting my time trying different options just to find one that would work with this host. I already know Blogger will do the job for me, and will also, at some point, allow me to export the XML so I can turn all of the notes into something work-presentable. Since these notes are both for site conent, and for work review, that works for me.

I’ll be working more on getting the notes setup this afternoon, it’s not ready for prime time just yet. I’ll have the links for you when it is.

You can see the blog here or you can grab the XML feed.

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