The rest of the Gnomedex day..

So I left you all hangin’ on the rest of the day. Frankly, I didn’t really feel like blogging it live. Trust me tons of people were blogging it, you’re not missing much by my not. I was really turning the focus of the things Dvorak was saying, and the RSS discussion Dan Gilmor was doing into things that fit my workplace that aren’t really interesting to people who read here. (They did pay for this trip, I owe them that!) I will say this though, John Dvorak is all about being an antagonist. As he described it, he is the guy who points out the BS and there are a ton of people in the tech industry who are just scammers who don’t appreciate that. I think he just enjoys pissing people off by deflating the balloons of idealism. Every industry needs guys like that, even if he does piss you off, because he makes you think.

I left the party early, in hopes of getting an early start in the morning. I did, however get to meet and chat with some interesting folks, including Chris, Jim Louderback, and Jennifer from TechSmith, who had the coolest birthday surprise for Chris, t-shirts with his bare chest on them and a bunch of different things Photoshoped onto them. Cracked me up!

I didn’t really get many good pictures this year, so there may not be a web album, but if there are one or two good ones, I’ll be sure to post them somewhere.

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