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The Association of internet Professionals closed up shop on Oct. 3. Funny thing is, I saw the local chapter booth at ITEC on the 15th! Wouldn’t you think an association of internet folks would have gotten the news quicker than that? I’m just saying is all. (link via Backup Brain)

Lockergnome relaunched yesterday, with a whole new look and, it appears, some new and different content or format for the content. My initial impressions of the changes are positive but I want to get a few issues of their newsletters/ RSS feeds and see how things are working before I keep those initial impressions. As always though, the newsletters are a worthwhile read.

I’ve been meaning to look at this all week, but I’ve been too swamped with work “distractions” to get around to it, so this is a reminder to myself. IT on $5 a day. I work for a not-for-profit, and I’ve kept things working around here for 6 years now with a budget that would make most IT people laugh their asses off. In fact, there is no actual budget, it’s whatever I can convince people we really can’t live without that gets money. I’m curious to see what this report has to say. 🙂

With the installation of the Office 2003 trial on my laptop, I took the opportunity to update some other things on that machine I’ve been meaning to do. It’s now running FireBird 0.7, my first foray into the world of FireBird, as well as Mozilla 1.5 and IE 6. I’ve tossed WildGrape’s NewsDesk, which I use and dig on my work XP desktop but has been acting rather unstable on the 2000 laptop, especially since the upgrade to Office 2003, and replaced it with RSSBandit. I spent some time rebuilding a database that had been lost when the laptop’s HD crashed back in the summer as well, as a quick way to play with Access 2003. That was easy enough, the data is lost, obviously, but it was old data that I probably don’t really need any more any way. (Jobs I had applied for earlier this year.) Anything more than 60 days old in this DB is probably not going to come through and can be written off. I’m going to be using OneNote to document some thoughts I have about website projects, and to try and help organize those thoughts into actual plans of action. That’ll give me real, live stuff to learn about OneNote with. So now the laptop is pretty tweaked out, has some neat new toys for me to play with, and has enough “stuff” to keep me productive no matter where I am. That’s always good! 😉

Finally, like I said, I’ve had a number of random thoughts about things I might want to try with my sites but no concrete plans yet. There are a lot of different variables that need to be organized and I just don’t feel like I have my head wrapped around them enough to really make a decision. I’ll work on that some this weekend though! Have a good one!

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