I have the power, not!

As my wife described last night, after about 11 hours of travelling back from Virginia, including a couple of stops, I arrived home to news that our file and database server at work was dead. We quickly unloaded the car and I loaded back into it to go off to the office, where I discovered what, I believe, is a dead power source on the machine. Luckily HP’s support lines were still open at 9PM, so I was able to order a replacement. Even more luckily they ship those from Louisville, and it’s scheduled to arrive today, as opposed to tomorrow, which was all they would guarantee on the phone last night. Now if we can just keep our fingers crossed that there isn’t some other underlying problem and that all I’ll have to do is pop in the new power source, wire everything up and we’ll all be back in business.

Mean time, I’ve got a bunch of work backlogged for me after being gone since Thursday, and not all of it is dependant on having access to the server, so I best get at it.

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