How you can be a hero too

While we were in Louisiana we had some small opportunities to get out around town and take some pics. Unfortunately one of our SD cards had a problem. Someone managed to pick the “delete all” option on the camera menu when she was trying to delete one picture that hadn’t turned out very well. I immediately thought of the PC Inspector File Recovery program that I’ve used successfully at work a few times to recover data from floppy disks that had either been deleted or was sitting on an unreadable disk, so I had her exchange the card immediately in hopes that either it would work on SD cards, or I’d be able to find something that did the same thing for SD cards. Turns out when I went to get the File Recovery program from their website, they have a Smart Recovery program available too. Ten minutes later, we had 99% of those pictures back in fine form. (One of them looked partially double-exposed, I suppose that bit of data was not in fine form when it got recovered.)

Although there was one lesson learned. If you really want to be the hero and have top billing on your wife’s blog post, don’t let her see you doing the work. 🙂

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