Trip to the Wilds

Onagers holding up tour bus

We got to take a safari tour of The Wilds yesterday. We had been a few years back, but armed with some better camera equipment and a free pass to the extended safari, we were really excited to get out there and shoot some wildlife photos. It was quite fun. The highlight of the extended tour is a visit to the Rhino holding pens. We were lucky enough to be there while Bubba was in his pen, and available for petting.

Bubba the Rhino

Of course, they don’t tell you until after you pet the rhino that rhino’s have a tendency to roll around in not only mud to cool their skin, but also their own poop. Nice. Still we got to pet a rhino, how many chances are you gonna get to do that?

I’m in the process of adding new photos to the existing Wilds Gallery, different than the Flickr one’s I’ve posted here. Angela is also posting on her Flickr account. Enjoy!

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