A simple upgrade

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Once again, I offered to do some simple work for a friend, upgrading them from an almost full 10GB laptop hard drive. Since I had a copy of Norton Ghost 9 that had been given to me as a gift … Read More

Out of touch

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I know, I’ve been quiet on the blog the last few days. I’ve been busy, mostly doing things, and spending time with, my wife. Since she was going to be gone for the long weekend, I really wanted to put … Read More

Career Survey

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I was presented with an opportunity to submit some email questions to Ellen Fanning, Special Projects Editor for Computerworld, in regard to their 20th annual IT Career Survey. You can see the discussion over at Friends in Tech. Check it … Read More

Pause in WLW

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Has anybody else using Windows Live Writer to post to their blog noticed occasional slowdowns? Like when it’s autosaving a draft, and you’re typing, the program doesn’t keep up with you, and then fills in behind with what you had … Read More

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