More about Twitter

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I promised you some more thoughts about using Twitter, so here we go. As you know, I went in doubting it’s usefulness. I still think there’s a whole lot of stuff I don’t care about on there, but in the … Read More

So far, so good

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Looks like the patching for DST has worked out well for our office. Of course, we won’t really know until tomorrow morning when those folks who never restarted their PC’s to get patched, despite numerous requests to do just that … Read More

GTD and Wiki

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I’ve been playing around a bit tonight. First with MonkeyGTD, a TiddlyWiki desinged around the GTD methodology. I’ve been playing with version 2.1 alpha, which is hugely powerful, hugely confusing, and still hugely undone. It’s taken me the better part … Read More

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