The Beast

I was doing a video capture through the firewire port of my new work machine this morning when I remembered that I hadn’t blog about it yet. Given all the resource-demanding work I’ll be doing, stuff like video capture/editing, drive imaging, etc., I really needed a beefed-up machine for it. So we spec’d out a Dell Precision 690, dual Xeon 1.60Ghz processors, 4GB of RAM, Nvdia 256MB video card, dual digital monitors (one 19inch, one 17), with separate DVD-R and CD-R drives and 5 empty expansion bays. I’ll be adding a video input device, and external HD to the mix next week.

That sucker works fast! On the other hand, people come to my office just to marvel at the size of it. It is quite huge. I had to set the tower up on the desk, because the space between the wall and the desk wasn’t wide enough, and sitting up on the desk, it towers over the monitors. Of course, with the fans as powerful as you’d imagine they are in that baby, I don’t need a desk fan to cool off when the heat in the building is too hot. I just turn the tower a tad bit to face me. 🙂

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