Did Blogging Help Me?

I got a question the other day about whether this blog helped me get my new job. It was an interesting question, because I hadn’t really thought about it. The job was an internal post, so the concept of someone finding my blog and using it to evaluate what I know about technology, obviously, wasn’t something I had thought about.

On the other hand, my involvement with the tech- community was noted folks in on previous occasions as a sure sign that I was willing to exist outside the box and constantly learn new things. So I think that willingness to step into something new and learn it played a somewhat significant role in seeing me as a good fit for this job, since it is a brand new position. I know it’s not the only thing, and probably not the biggest, but it was on the list somewhere I’d say.

So there you go, sometimes can help your in a more subtle way, but it all counts!

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  1. Congrats on the new job Mike.

    You always blog in a professional & responsible manner — in a way where your employer gets all of the positives of a blogging employee, and none of the negatives/risks. I’d be very surprised if your blog didn’t help the process.

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