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Linked: Employee benefits providers want more mental health resources

The article below does a really deep dive into what is available, and where we are lacking, when it comes to mental health support for employees. I think this really sums it up though:

“Stigma, access and funding were the biggest hurdles to expanding mental health care, Swayze said. While studies show millennials were more comfortable discussing mental health than previous generations, “many organizations either believe it’s a topic for private conversations or don’t know where to start.”

Swayze added: “I believe that most employers genuinely care about their employees’ mental well-being. They just aren’t able to dedicate the time and resources needed to effectively tackle it.” “

Things have changed, but how many employers are providing enough resources to really make a difference, and if they are offering some resources, is it enough? And, what is the culture like, in terms of being accepting of folks who do take advantage of it?

Those are important questions that affect not just the individuals on your team, but the business as a whole. Take some time to tackle it.

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