Useless Preinstalled Software

Remember that big honking new machine I have at work? Well we needed to find something to copy 14GB of data to DVD today, and I noticed that the Roxio Creator Plus -Dell Edition that came with it actually had an option to do disc spanning, so I clicked it. Then I went and added the folder to the burn project.

When I hit the button to start burning, it gave me a warning that this project would require 4 discs, and that I wouldn’t be able to re-write on them. All of this was to be expected. Of course, when the next step was an error because the folder was larger than the disc in the drive. Ugh, no kidding!

Guess I’ll wait for my Nero Ultra order to get approved. Hopefully that’ll have something that will do spanning. Splitting the files up is a pain.

Tags: DiscSpanning, RoxioDellEdition, DVDBurning

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