A few improvements

I’ve been busy the past couple of days. I even spent more than 10 hours at work today, as part of a huge software version rollout, working alongside the rest of the IS staff. But, I have noticed a couple of things in my feed reader, and if you’ve been paying attention to the link blog you may have seen them too.

I’ve noticed a number of services that I use rolling out some upgrades and improvements of their own.

1. Google Reader has made it easier to email items straight from their interface.

2. Moo is now making note cards with your Flickr images printed on the cover available.

3. There’s a security suite available for free right now for home users from eEye.

4. Twitter has launched a mobile interface, which will come in handy for me on my Blackberry during those times when their Gtalk interface isn’t working.

Hope you’re enjoying your weekend. After this work day, I think I’m headed for an early night.

Tags: Imporvements, Twitter, Flickr, Moo, GoogleReader, eEye

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