Whoo Hoo I got one!!!

Yeah I got an invite to the Alpha test of Trillian Astra. What did you think I was talking about? Is there something else going on this week? ๐Ÿ˜‰ Anyway, I had actually forgotten all about signing up as being interested, it’s been that long. I actually haven’t been using Trillian a whole lot lately….



I had the opportunity today to try and help someone use CT Summation over the phone. Even though I’ve been using the program pretty extensively for a couple of weeks, it wasn’t until today that I made the connection to Office 2007. You see, in Summation, your toolbars, and menus change based on what part…


Facebook or MySpace?

I’m sure most of you have read the paper about Class Divisions between users of MySpace and Facebook, or at least you have seen someone blogging about it. I’m not going there. I was curious to try out Facebook simply because I’ve been reading so many things about the available applications, and how much nicer…

Shutter Speeds

One of the tricks of the trade that I’ve seen used most often, and have only recently started experimenting with myself, is making slight adjustments to the shutter speed of a photo. This is especially common when taking a photo of running water of some sort, whether it be a stream, white-water, or some sort of…