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New Friend in Tech

Friends in Tech, the group of podcasters and bloggers that I belong to, and blog for, when I’m not as crazy busy as I have been lately, has added a new member, Steve Riekeberg of the Geek Cred Podcast.

I can’t say that I’m all that familiar with the podcast, but I’m going to download a couple of episodes and take a listen while I’m out of town this week.

BTW, yes, I am in SFO now. Had a relatively nice trip out today, and got here in time to catch the Blue Angels flying around, and take a nice walk to the Bay for some photos. Training class starts in the morning, but I think I should still manage to find some time in the evenings for photos, and I have all day Friday, and most of Saturday, to myself. So, I’m looking forward to seeing some of the city we didn’t get to see when we were here last Spring as well as getting prepared for my Summation Trainer Certification. I should be learning a lot over the next few days!

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