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I’ve been using GTDTiddlyWiki over the last few years, because it’s a ridiculously easy way to create to-do lists that I then review each day from my thumb drive and be able to link different parts of it together, etc.

For a long time this approach has been working well, but lately I find myself working on many, many different computers, in different places, and don’t always have my thumb drive available. So I find myself trying to remember to put things on the Wiki the next time I have it open, which is sort of defeating the purpose of having the lists to begin with, so I don’t have to remember everything!

Anyway, I’m now wondering if maybe I should put this on-line somehow instead. I could very easily create a private folder on the site that only I would have access to, but I haven’t found a Wiki solution that is as simple as TiddlyWiki, which simply saves as one HTML file locally. I’d like to have something that simple, but that will allow me to edit it on-line. Is there such a thing? Or should I start thinking about third-party services like Google Notebook or something?

Any suggestions?

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  1. I’ve come across but I don’t have any experience but it looked promising. Good Luck Mike.

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