Speaking of Ironies

This post on Stop Blocking! about companies signing their people up for online workshops, then those employees having to go home to take the workshops because work blocked access to the multimedia hosting service made me laugh out loud last night. In fact, I read it to my wife.

Then it occurred to me that I’ll be at the ABA Techshow next month, taking advantage of all the social networking tools I mentioned earlier that the organizers will be experimenting with. How cool would it be to be able to relate back, in semi-real time, to my coworkers in the IS Department what I’m seeing, what I’m learning, links to other people talking about what they see at the show, etc? I think that’d be a pretty good way for the firm to get the most out of the expense of sending me there.

Of course, firms that block access to some, or all, of those tools can’t really do that, can they? They’re losing out on a completely legitimate use of the technology, and losing out on sharing information among all of their team, because they can’t see a business use for it.

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