The Wii is a social gaming platform

I think the fact that we’ve had two people make plans to come to our house for dinner, shortly after we got the Wii sort of gave me the impression, but last night cinched it. It really is more fun to play with other people. For example, when my wife’s here, we will play together and that’s fun. Last night a friend of ours came over and played some with us, and that was fun as well. Today, I’m home by myself, (I have the day off to be home for utility people to come to the house) and playing doesn’t really interest me that much. The games we have are relatively simple, but fun for every one to play. It doesn’t take mad gaming skillz to bowl, or to play Skee Ball on the Carnival Games, but it is fun to compete against other people in the same room. Playing golf, or baseball, by myself is ok but not that exciting.

Seems somewhat ironic that I’d be talking about a video game as a social product, but I think it really is.

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