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Linked: Security Bypasses and the C-Suite

This is not good. How many IT folks even have the ability to say no?

“The issue of C-Suite executives (i.e. the top level executive managers of the company) requesting security exemptions from their IT teams has been highlighted by a MobileIron survey, reported on by Help Net Security here.

The survey showed that just under 80% of C-Suite executives had requested to bypass security protocols in the last year, with 30% having requested such exemptions four times or more.”

The risks are laid out pretty well in the article below, but as I said earlier, the real issue is that in many organizational cultures, saying no to the C-Level, or the partners in a firm, or founders of a startup, is simply not accepted.

Even if they are creating a huge security risk.

That has to change if you expect your employees to take security seriously. Why should they if you are willing to take shortcuts with it yourself?

Security Bypasses and the C-Suite

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