Looks like the fine folks who run the LexBlog service are also getting into the same Blog Aggregation service that the ABA Journal’s Blawg Directory has been in for a little while now, with the “soft” launch of LexMonitor today.

I’ve been seeing some things on Kevin’s blog about the work being done on it, and I’ve been looking forward to the launch. I’m sure I’ll be checking things out over there as time goes on.

One thing I did notice today, was that my blog is listed! (well, the Lit Support part of the blog posts anyway), here. That’s pretty cool.

If you go over there now, be aware that, yes, an email has already been sent to the editor about the description. As regular readers know, I’m not an attorney. 🙂

It’s been corrected, nice response time on a Saturday night!

All of these services should make it easier to find good legal blogs, and since I’m going to be doing a presentation at the end of July to the local ILTA group specifically about using RSS, this launch couldn’t be more timely!

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  1. Thanks for the mention of LexMonitor Mike. It’s much appreciated.

    Kudos to our Rob La Gatta for responding to your email right away.

    You’re right that these resources aggregating legal blogs are going to make for an effective search tool for following legal discussion.

    In addition, we hope to highlight prominent legal discussion for dissemination to the mass media via RSS feeds of prominent discussion and tags.

    Law blogs are producing some great content which when packages for syndication can be of great value to reporters, editors,and journalists. Especially with publications now having lower budgets for reporting on the law.

  2. Kevin, yes, Rob was great. I hardly expected a response over the weekend, let alone in 15 minutes. 🙂

    I’m excited to see what LexMonitor has in store!

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