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If you were going to setup a Wiki for the purpose of showing off what a Wiki could do, in a secure section of your own website, which Wiki software would you use?

All suggestions welcome!

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  1. Chad D
    | Reply

    My suggestions would be either:

    I use both and like them both for different reasons.

  2. James Williams
    | Reply

    I like MediaWiki as well. There’s a lot of info about it floating out there because it’s so popular and almost everyone has used Wikipedia so they’re already at least passingly familiar with it.

    I would NOT use Sharepoint. We use its wiki internally and it’s just annoying. It has a clunky interface, no way (that I can find) of diffing changes, the RSS only shows you new articles and not changes.

  3. Mike McBride
    | Reply

    Thanks guys, I was leaning toward MediaWiki, and I think you guys have confirmed that choice for me!

  4. Gary
    | Reply

    I used the new version of SharePoint to explore wikis and how they could perhaps be used to track product development projects.

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