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I managed to do something that I rarely do, I stayed away from any computers all weekend. I was disconnected with the exception of my Blackberry, which means I really didn’t do much on-line at all this weekend. We had plans with friends Friday night, and a trip to Indianapolis Saturday and Sunday to visit with Angela’s brother, his wife and our little niece.

We all went to the Zoo on Sunday, a nice sunny day, as you can tell from the few photos I put up on Flickr. Naturally, we had the cameras out, of course, there was a little girl to play with first and foremost, so the cameras didn’t get as many good shots as usual. However, there were still a few in the small set over on Flickr.

Just taking a break

I hadn’t had the camera out much lately, so it was good to get back in that grove, even if it was just a little bit.

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