Light Bulb Moments

Today was a very good day. I had two training sessions scheduled, back to back, covering two very different topics. One was supposed to be a class, but turned into one attendee, on working with transcripts in Summation. The second one was a scheduled one-on-one training session on using an RSS reader.

In both sessions the student had that “light bulb moment”, the moment where everything I was telling them clicked into understanding. The moment where they not only get what I’m telling them practically, but they understand what these things can do for them and what they could use them for.

You guys remember that moment don’t you? The first time you really “got” RSS, and realized you could follow a bunch of sites, create search feeds, and just sit in Google Reader (Or whatever your feed reader of choice was back then) and let it all come to you. I got to witness someone else having that today, and it was pretty darn cool!

It’s easy for us uber-techies to forget, as we move onto the next shiny thing, just how powerful some of this technology is and how much it really has changed the way we interact with the web. It’s nice to get a reminder.

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