Another Thing I Learned about Robocopy Today

Apparently, if you use Robocopy to copy data into a folder that doesn’t already exist in the source directory, Robocopy will create the folder, as I thought it would, but it will be created as a System folder, with Hidden and Read-Only attributes.

Now, that’s not a big deal, it’s easy enough to make hidden files and folders visible, however it is a problem if you want to include this new folder with other folders within the same directory in a Windows Search. You have to search it on it’s own.

For example, if you have a disk with backups dated Jan., Feb. and March, then decide to give Robocopy a try and use F:\April\ as your source directory (Assuming April doesn’t yet exist), you will not be able to search for files across Jan., Feb., March and April. April will have to be searched separately. At least that’s the behavior I’m seeing. However if you create the April folder before using Robocopy, no worries.

Not a huge deal, but one worth mentioning.

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