Thinking about e-Discovery?

Ron Miller thinks you should be. I couldn’t agree more.

Case in point, recently I’ve done some work for a client who finds themselves party to litigation. Now, I don’t even now what the issues are, or who’s bringing the litigation, but this much I do know, the main document custodian involved in the case hasn’t deleted an email in at least 5 years. Oh they moved a bunch to the deleted items folder, but that’s about it. The rest just got archived to various places, left in the inbox, etc. There are numerous PST files that were collected, and then had to be processed, and much of it has to be reviewed by the attorney. All of this is costing the client money, and taking a lot of time, there’s simply no way around it.

Imagine how much less time, and therefore money, would be involved if they had actually gotten rid of emails through the years? Especially all of the personal and junk emails. Most of this stuff coud have safely been deleted a long time ago with no business impact, but it wasn’t.

I’m not a lawyer, and I can figure this out. Doesn’t take a law degree, just some common sense people. The more “stuff” you keep, the more “stuff” has to be searched through for the relevant records. Period.

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