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The eDiscovery Industry – Still Burning People Out

Recently, while meeting with a vendor doing a software demo, the sales rep for said vendor assured me that:

“You’d have an assigned project manager, and you’ll have their cell phone number and can reach them anywhere, anytime, even if you have an issue come up at 2AM”.

My biggest takeaway from that? There’s a vendor I don’t ever want to go to work for.

It’s 2018. With all we know about how unhealthy, and unproductive, it is to be always on-call for work, the legal industry, and the tech vendors involved in it, still prides itself on being reachable and ready to step in to get work done 24×7. It’s not sustainable. We are seeing that in the levels of stress-related metal health issues, addiction, suicide, etc. yet we still run around bragging about how “busy” we are, because we want to make sure everyone knows how important we must be.

After all, if I’m the person who gets that call, it must be because I’m pretty darned important. Great, you go ahead and be all important. I’ll gladly sit over here being less important, but happier and healthier. I’ll probably be a whole lot better at my job too, instead of exhausted and strung out. But hey, you’re important, and the lawyers and legal tech founders who are doing the same thing to themselves because they’re important, will continue taking advantage of you, right up until you’ve got nothing left to give.

Then they’ll toss you aside and find some other sucker.

But you’ll have your stories of when you were important. Maybe you can tell them in rehab, or to your therapist, if you make it that far.


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