Contingency Plans

Last week, I was out of the house early to setup some A/V equipment at an all day seminar that one of our departments was putting on. When I arrived at the hotel, the power was out. I walked in with a laptop and projector, and some additional cables and it was all useless without any power to plug in to.

Luckily, the power came back shortly before the program started and we went about getting the presentation running and using the hotel’s sound system for the day, but it got me wondering. What would we have done if the power hadn’t come back on? Would we have continued on with the program sans electronics? We could have, it was a small enough room that the speakers could have been heard, and the printed materials could have doubled for the PowerPoint presentation, and the emergency lights in the room could have been enough, but it surely would not have been very pleasant, especially for the folks who paid quite a bit of money to be there!

Have any of you guys ever found yourself in similar situations where you had to get creative with contingency plans when things outside of your control go horribly wrong? Share your best stories!

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