Waiting for ETSU game to start

Waiting for ETSU game to start
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We had a good time at the games in Dayton Friday afternoon, even though both ETSU, my wife’s alma mater, and Tennessee lost. Both games were close, and very entertaining, and that’s all you could ask when you’re rooting for the lower seeds. The ETSU fans did themselves proud, as they were outnumbered but were quite loud and very in to the game. Of course, many of them used the Tennessee game to get warmed up as they were cheering for the Vols as well. (Though many UT fans didn’t reciprocate for the later game and cheer for ETSU very loudly, which was disappointing.) They were certainly more fun that the Pitt fans, who never really seemed to be very interested in cheering or getting behind their players until the very end. Shame on ya’ Pitt fans! 😉

Angela got some better, aka non-cellphone camera, photos over at Flickr while I have some more pics from my phone on Facebook.

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