Work-Proof your Facebook Profile

There are some good recommendations in this article about privacy settings you can use to keep your less than professional friends from messing up your more professional appearance in this article. For myself, a few of them go a little too far, and might raise the suspicion that you have something to hide to those who would have such limited access to your profile, but then again, I don’t tend to have hundreds of contacts who would do the sorts of things I would want to hide from view in such a public space. You might. 🙂

Personally, since I know I’m dealing with a smaller group of people, and people I generally trust, I depend more on the ability to remove things others add to my Wall, or photos they might tag of me. It’s relatively easy for me to keep up with, there’s not a lot. If I were a younger person with lots of college friends, for example, I might take more of the advice in the article. Still, it’s good to be aware of what privacy steps you can take, if you feel the need to!

(h/t to Kevin O’Keefe on Twitter)

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