A Geek Christmas Story

The Friends in Tech group has released our Christmas special, A Geek Christmas Story today.

“Mattie Stevens, a young boy of the early 80’s, dreams of owning a Commodore 64. He sets out to convince everyone this is the perfect gift. But, along the way runs into opposition from his parents and everyone around him including old Santa Claus”

Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to participate in this year’s Christmas special (A story for another time in itself…), but I know that a lot of hard work went into it, from FiT members and special guests, and that all that work really shows in the final production. Give it a listen and enjoy the geek humor, and if you enjoy this special, check the bottom of the post for links to previous FiT specials, some of which I did play a small part in. 🙂

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