E-Discovery Summit

Brightalk is hosting a day long series of webinars covering various aspects of electronic discovery tomorrow, Dec. 10, 2009. Looks like there’s some good stuff planned, and you can’t beat the price, free! Personally, I’m going to tied up much of the day, but will be registering so I can check out the recordings afterward!

Quite a Collection of E-Discovery Resources

The fine folks over at the Posse List put together a website called the E-Discovery Reading room, at ediscoveryreadingroom.com which, upon first look, appears to have about the most information on ediscovery news that I’ve ever seen in one place! Of special note for the RSS feedreader users among us is the E-Discovery Blogroll, featuring…

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Non Lawyer Staff and Marketing

I found it somewhat interesting that both of these articles came to my attention yesterday, as they both deal with something I haven’t seen many people talk about, let alone firms that actually embrace the idea. They both mention the importance of non-lawyer staff of law firms in building relationships, networking, and attracting clients to…