Trial Technology Lessons

Just a couple of quick notes from my experience working on trial presentation.

First, and this may be more difficult than it seems at first blush, try to get the attorney to communicate with the other side, not just the court, about what your plans on for using technology. Many times when we plan on using technology at court, it’s assumed the other side isn’t, and in most cases that’s true. We go through the details of talking to the court, maybe planning with them about how we could set it up and how we could work it during the trial.

Recently, however, I came into a hearing on day one and was surprised to find the other side’s trial technician already setting up a screen and tables, etc. It occurs to me that, had I known ahead of time, we could have coordinated on sharing equipment and lessened the loads of stuff we had to transport. Obviously, we would each have our own laptops to present from, but things like screens, tables, projectors, monitors, laser pointers, etc. could easily be shared, and coordinated ahead of time.

I may have to add that to my checklist of things to go over with attorneys and paralegals before going to court.

The other tip is one I wish I had thought of before I needed it. Pack a couple of energy bars, Snickers bars, or other snacks to have on hand. You never know when attorneys are going to decide to push through the lunch hour to try and finish up a trial or hearing, or if they do break for lunch, you may find yourself editing a presentation script or video clip instead of taking a lunch break. Might not hurt to have something quick to munch on during a break. You don’t want a silent pause in witness testimony to be interrupted by your belly rumbling! (No, mine didn’t, but I was rather hungry by the time we wrapped up the hearing and got all the equipment packed up and transported!)

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