Another Nice, Free Web Service Shutting Down

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Another web service that I’ve been a big fan of, Xmarks, is shutting down. I’ve been using the Xmarks Firefox extension to sync my bookmarks across computers, automatically. I like the fact that it keeps things synced up for me without me having to do much of anything, so now I’ll have to be on the lookout for another service that’s just as easy to use. Anyone got some suggestions?

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  1. nf0
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    thanks for the heads up. I like the power of syncing my bookmarks across firefox and safari. Now the search will be on. Hopefully there will be a suitable replacement.

  2. Tony Hartsfield
    | Reply

    I’ve been using Last Pass lately.

  3. Mike McBride
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    Tony, Lastpass would be good for storing form data and passwords, but does it also sync bookmarks? It’s not clear that it does from their site. I may be giving Firefox Sync a try, though I did read that Firefox Sync is actually being integrated into Firefox 4, so you won’t need an add-on, it’ll be part of the browser. Of course, that doesn’t help with any other browsers, like Chrome.

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