Facebook Improves Pages

There’s been a lot written about the upgrade to Pages that Facebook is rolling out. As with most things Facebook related, many people either love or hate the new layout. However, to me that’s not the interesting thing, though there is some interest there.

No, the interesting thing is the ability to “use Facebook as a page”. This opens up a whole world of opportunity to those of us who maybe have a professional outlet with a blog, and want to keep our facebook personal profile more, well, personal. Or, in my case, it opens up a great opportunity to interact with others interested in child abuse, without having to clutter my more professional/personal profile with that interaction. It’s still somewhat limited, but I’m very much looking forward to thinking about ways to put this to good use, once my mind is clear of cold medicine. 😉

What do you think about the possibilities here?

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  1. Hi Mike,

    I just upgraded my Page for my B&B and I really like that I can now separate out my personal FB persona from my B&B. For example, I can choose to respond as Brigette or as my B&B, and my B&B can “like” pages separate from me, so my personal profile is no longer cluttered. There are a lot of good things about having that separation.

    The only downside I see so far with the upgrade, purely from a usage standpoint, is that Facebook has taken away the chronological ordering of posts by Everyone on the Page Wall, so now it appears completely random (which is Facebook’s way of deciding what’s most interesting to each user). This is going to make it challenging for the Page owner to interact with fans and for fans to interact with each other because everything is now out of order. I can see any Page that relies on chronology to interact (events and performance groups, non-profits, etc.) is going to have a huge challenge.

    1. Brigette, thanks for pointing that out. I haven’t had a chance to look at the new page layout closely enough to notice that! That is kind of a pain, but with the new notifications, it should be easier as an admin to interact with new comments/posts because you’ll get notified. As a visitor though, it does look kind of confusing!

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