Changes in Light

Last week. while my wife was visiting, she treated me to a night at the bed and breakfast where we spent our honeymoon in Asheville, NC. (Interestingly, just about an hour from where I am now.)

As we were hiking around the grounds of the Sourwood Inn, I couldn’t help but notice how the change in the canopy of the forests really changed the look of the light. As we went from a typical North Carolina mountain tree canopy, to a large area of Bamboo growth, the light change almost made it seem like we were going from clouds to sun.

 Different Light

Naturally, having some interesting light gave us a chance to play around with some interesting shots, and post-processing, to create some nice shots. I’m going to have to try and find some more interesting light changes as I explore some of the nearby mountains and lakes over the Summer.

Angela in the Bamboo

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