It’s Happening – e-Discovery Appliances

From one of my blog posts during ILTA11 in August:

Back to the HP-Autonomy appliance rumor, if the market for legal technology is headed toward direct purchase by clients, and away from law firms, I can’t help but think that HP is not trying to build a better legal platform for lawyers, but a better legal platform for companies to use inside their own organizations. Imagine a company with litigation readiness needs. Now imagine that they could buy an appliance that would give them the ability to search across their organization for relevant material, archive it, and then make it available using Autonomy’s Introspect platform for attorney review, and all you have to do is plug it in. HP will build it and configure it for you.

From Legal IT Professionals today:
Autonomy and HP Deliver Archiving, eDiscovery and Search Appliances:

eDiscovery Appliance – provides end-to-end eDiscovery capabilities, including identification, preservation, collection, processing, analysis, review and production. The appliance also includes a dashboard that provides visibility into each phase of the Electronic Discovery Reference Model, and analysis of critical data points, including case status, cost, data volume and litigation trends.

Firms might want to start getting used to the idea that they will simply be accessing their clients data remotely, and that the whole process will be controlled by those clients, not themselves.

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