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I hesitate to mention just one episode of the Career Tools Podcast, because they are always chock full of great advice, but this week’s episode really struck a chord with me.

Titled Keeping Your Search Confidential, the cast includes lot of great advice about being involved in networking, and having contacts within your industry. As they say, being aware of what’s going on in your industry, keeping up with opportunities that exist, and having knowledge about your own marketability isn’t being disloyal, it’s being professional.

Professionals know their own worth, are capable of immediate action when something like a layoff occurs, and are always open to seeking out better opportunities for themselves. They understand their career is exactly that, THEIRS!

Seriously, give it a listen, and then subscribe!

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  1. Hey Mike – I wholeheartedly agree. Networking is THE way to get that next job. I am a strong networker and it has helped me tremendously in my own career path as well as those of my colleagues and friends. Thanks for sharing.

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