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Yes, this is me catching up with all the photos I took since the beginning of the year, finally! We spent a weekend down in Savannah back in January. I have never been before, but had always wanted to get the chance to shoot some of the old historic neighborhood. I knew the squares would provide some great opportunities, not to mention the old houses, the Spanish Moss, and on and on.

The city did not disappoint.

Fountain in Forsyth Park

Whitfield Square

Even the weather did not disappoint, with the sun being out bright, and providing a nice counter to the canopy of the trees all around the area. When you throw in a cathedral, a riverfront, and numerous parks and cemeteries to explore, what is there not to love for a photographer?

Light a Candle for me

Georgia Queen

All in all, I enjoyed the visit to Savannah and would definitely go back. It’s a fun place, there’s a ton of great places to eat, drink, and have fun, as well as some great history and natural beauty. So even if you aren’t looking for a great place to take photos, which Savannah very much is, you should consider a visit. When we go back, I think we need to schedule a ghost tour, and perhaps some time to relax and enjoy a  drink or two.

You can check out the full set from the weekend over on Flickr!

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