Stay Safe Using Public Wifi with a Deal

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There are only a few days left to take advantage of it, but MakeUseOf Deals currently has an offer of VPN Unlimited (along with To Do Checklist) of $39 for a lifetime subscription.

There is also a $29 offer for a lifetime subscription to Wi-Fi Hotspot Protector on the site as well.

I’ve been using sort of an ad-hoc method of keeping my information safe, that involves a remote connection to a computer that is on my home network whenever I am traveling and using a public hotspot, but I’ve been giving some serious consideration to investing in a more robust VPN solution. I’m on the road a lot, and that means connecting in hotels, client offices, coffee shops and even airplanes on occasion. So the offer for Unlimited VPN definitely caught my eye. (I’ve seen some positive reviews for it.)

I’ll be grabbing that deal and installing it shortly!

Any security gurus want to offer up their own opinions on VPN solutions?

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