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This year it doesn’t include , but it does include premium subscriptions to some tools that I use, as well as some others that might interest you:

  • LastPass Premium takes your with you everywhere you go, on all devices
  • Pocket Premium lets you save articles, videos, and sites to view anytime, anywhere
  • Wunderlist Pro makes it easy to share your lists and get stuff done
  • Quip is the place to create, document, discuss and organize your team’s work
  • Uber Conference fixes the broken aspects of traditional conference calling
  • Do helps you run productive meetings
  • New York Times offers 12 weeks of All Digital Access to and apps

All of that for just &69.99. So if you’ve been meaning to look at premium subscriptions for some of these services, this would be a good way to try them out for a year relatively cheaply. I did the same thing last year with LastPass, Wunderlist and Pocket, and it was worth it for me to try them all out, wound up renewing a couple of those as well. If you take advantage of this, I’d love to ehar your thoughts on Quip, Uber Conference and Do. I’m not familiar with those!

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  1. Andy
    | Reply

    I’ve been looking at Quip but it’m not convinced of the usefulness of it. I’m not sure of the difference between it and Slack.
    It’s kind of hard to test some ShadowIT implementation by myself, especially when it’s a collaborative software product!

    • Mike McBride
      | Reply

      Ha, I feel the same way about Slack. I see people talking about how awesome it is, but unless you have a team and project to use it for, it’s hard to test it out!

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