Linked – Tech Café Teaches People to Use Technology to Better Their Mental Health

During one of NAMI San Diego Tech Café’s inclusive classes, a group of hearing-impaired individuals learned how to connect with people online through Skype. As the students looked at their screens, they could see the person they were trying to communicate with and sign with them. “It was like a new world had opened up to them. They can connect with people anywhere in the world and be able to sign,” says Renee Cookson, the Tech Café’s Program Manager and Director of Community Development. For the first time, these individuals could more easily communicate with family, friends and mental health professionals online.

I think it’s important, in the midst of various websites desperate attempts at gaining traffic by scaring us all about how technology is misused and bad for us, to be reminded that technology also does a lot of good.

A LOT of good. You wouldn’t even know about these sorts of things going on in the world without it, in fact.

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